Redneck Cake Toppers

I know it’s alright to have a wedding on a budget. A couple I know got married recently and decided to make their wedding redneck themed. I had hesitations at first, but it turned out really well. Everyone wore jeans (even the bride) and had either plaid shirts or hunting vests on. There were free cowboy hats all over the place and the DJ played all of the best country hits. I don’t even like country music all that much and I found myself singing along to “Fishin’ in the Dark” and “Cotton-Eye Joe”. The wedding cake was the one item the couple splurged on. They had a professional chef create a cake made out of “hick” food like nachos, tacos, various kinds of jerky, and chili. The wedding cake toppers were a replica of the couple holding shotguns. The decorations in the hall were classy too. Lots of trophy heads of various animals most of which were actually taxidermy. There was also some artful camouflage pattern table clothes which added to the event. The whole ordeal probably only cost the couple a fraction of what a normal wedding would have and they loved it.

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